Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some Unrelated thoughts

1. The other day on my way to work Jacqui and I were pulling up to a Honda Accord. Not just any Honda Accord though. This car was special.

To start it was bubble gum pink. Not a sophisticated salmon, not a metallic coral, not funky fuchsia. Straight up Hubba Bubba pink with matte finish. To further things it boasted a MASSIVE but snazzy spoiler on the trunk. To top things off it also sported an ever so tasteful "PRINCESS" decal emblazoned on the rear window in frilly script.

"What spoiled teenager got her daddy to pay for this?" I wondered as we approached. However as we pulled up next to the the Lisa Frank-mobile I was shocked to find a young, steely eyed, scruffy looking dude at the wheel.

I love it when I'm surprised like that.

2. There was a time in my life when I was really excited for them to make a sequel to The Mask. It's funny how your entertainment priorities shift.

3. The other day at Staples I purchased a laminated wall calendar. The specs: 2ft x 2.5ft. Blue and white. Easy to write on with dry erase markers. Oh yeah...AND IT COST TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS!

I'm sorry Staples's a piece of PAPER covered in PLASTIC!

Unfortunately there wasn't another product I could substitute for my wall calendar needs so I had to fork over the cash. If you ever wondered how Staples is staying in the black I'm betting it's the shrewed business model of: SCREW THE WORLD ON LAMINATED WALL CALENDARS.

I'm looking into pricing out my own personal laminator and a giant roll of butcher paper and going into business. RYAN'S LAMINATED WALL CALANDER BOUTIQUE: 23.99 each! Cheaper than Staples! RUSH IN TODAY!