Monday, July 16, 2007

I got a brand new job!

...three months ago.

Yes folks that's how slow my blogging reflexes are. But as it's a major life event I thought I'd post something about it despite it's belated status.

Through an exciting series of coincidences, secret meetings, and a few square bagels (so delicious...)I landed a job with Erkis and Associates Educational Consulting.

The name is sort of a mouthful to say.

It's a pretty cool thing. First off it's really small. Extremely small. I'm the first full time employee that my boss, Andy, has ever hired.

What's educational consulting you ask? Here's the basics: We work with families to find appropriate treatment and placement options for their struggling kids.

Now "struggling" can mean a lot of things ranging from really, really complex mental health issues, to drug and alcohol stuff, to plummeting grades.

After we're hired on we work to get to know a kid's specific issues, find a program that is a good match for dealing with those issues, work as a liaison between different schools and programs and parents and in general walk parents through the entire nerve wracking process.

Now, I should say that I personally am not a consultant. I'm the Office Administrator. My job is a lot of scheduling, filing, faxing, writing, talking on the phone, creating systems and working on special project. Basically I just communicate a lot, with a lot of different people, for a lot of different reasons.

It's fun, challenging, stressful at times, but so far pretty rewarding. I've always loved working with kids and while my job right now doesn't bring me into contact directly with them I feel good that the end result of all my daily tasks is that kids are getting help that they need.

It's cool. I'll keep you posted on any major events...granted you may hear about them three months after they actually occur, but still...