Monday, August 04, 2008

On looking forward

I once heard that people who are emotionally healthy tend to build things into their lives that they can look forward to. The idea went that its good to have something both short term and something long term on the horizon that you're anticipating with excitement. I think I would tend to agree. I feel like having something fun to eagerly await makes the stressful parts of my life more bearable.

I have just such an event coming up in in about a week. I'm going on a 5 day trip to Stratford, Ontario with Jacqui and two of our best friends in the whole world. We're going rest, relax and enjoy the Stratford Theatre Festival, one of the biggest theatre festivals in all of North America. I've been craving some good theatre and we're seeing what promises to be a host of quality plays including Hamlet, Alls Well that Ends Well, The Taming of the Shrew and Moby Dick.

Jacqui and I went last year for our two year anniversary and it was an amazingly fun grab bag of adventure, excitement and rest. We had so much fun that we wanted to share it and thus the group road trip this year.

Stratford is a great city smack in the middle of nowhere, nestled in the rolling farmlands of Ontario. Oddly enough it has a interesting hodgepodge of British influenced architecture and culture and healthy dose of rural folksiness making for quite the mix of cultural offerings. Last year on the same day we went to the Ontario Pork Congress in the afternoon and saw Othello in the evening.

Good times.

We'll try to take some pictures and post on our Canadian adventures when we get back late next week!