Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Things lately (ish)

Someday, in the future, when our brains are half computers, we'll simply be able to think our blogposts and BLAM there they'll be uploaded and ready to go. There won't be any of the annoying lag time between posts, no, it'll be a constant stream of witty, insightful, poetic, and captivating notions all integrated seamlessesly as we munch our morning cereal. Sigh.

Until then I must do better about writing on here from time to time. I like it when I do it, so here goes: some new things going on in the lives of Ryan and Jacqui.

We've got a new little buddy to keep us company. He's a 3 month old dachsund named Captain and he's really, pretty fantastic (more and better pictures coming soon!). We got him from a rescue place up near Toledo in late September, and so the past few weeks have been at equal turns fun and challenging He's a total puppy and goes from completely unconcious with weariness to racing around like a torpedo and chewing everything he can get at. He's been great at making friends with people and we love him a lot!

Whistling in the Dark
Jacqui and I, along with our friends Karl and Jessie, are working behind the scenes on a play! It's a ghost play called Woman in Black and is being put on by some friends of ours who started this really great theatre company in town called Whistling int he Dark Theatre. It's felt really good to get back to working on theatre and Wild Goose Creative has more coming this winter with a partnership with the guys at Whistling for their Christmas show Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol, should be a good time.

Our House
I realized I never really blogged about it, but WE BOUGHT A HOUSE. Of course this was back in July so some of the newness has worn off, but surprisingly it still feels like we're settling in, in a good way, and making it home. It's in a great part of town on a quiet (except for the occasional train) little street called Como. Built in 1942 it's a three bedroom brown cape cod. Some of our favorite parts are the little sunroom off our bedroom, the screened in porch off the sunroom, the great backyard off of the porch (it's a little cozy labryinth), and the finished basement. We love having people over so feel free to invite yourself over anytime...