Thursday, November 30, 2006

Short Posts

Looking back over this here blog I realized that every time I begin to write a new blog post I have the thought "Oh, this'll just be a short one." Then after I publish the darn thing and then look at that same post online it seems to have grown to lengths much greater than I first anticipated. In addition to the issue of length when I'm about to start a post I also often feel like there needs to be some unifying theme or slant to my ramblings. The search for this theme probably causes me to post much less often than I'd like and important life events central to our Midwestern Adventure go unrelayed. In light of these recent thoughts on my posting habits I'm going to start a series of short posts divulging these significant events in no particular order and with no cumbersome unifying themes or slants to speak of. Buckle up, it's going to be an moderately bumpy/mildly interesting/possibly informative ride.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Anson Carter and I are good friends.


Anson Carter was born in born June 6 1974 in Scarbourough Ontario. In time he traversed the US boarder for college and played hockey for Michigan State University. He was drafted into the NHL by the Qubec Nordics in 1992. On August 16 2005 he signed with the Vancouver Canucks. He played well: 33 season goals, a personal record. However after just a year in Vancouver, in September of 2006, he followed Jacqui and Ryan from Vancouver to Columbus Ohio where he signed a one year deal with the Columbus Bluejackets.

Cut to PetCo October 16, 2006

Two men stand in line waiting. They are holding various pet related items. Man #1 is younger perhaps mid- twenties. He is wearing a striped shirt, and maybe an eye patch. He hopes his hair is artfully dishevled. Man #2 is African American and in his mid-thirties. He sports impressive dreadlocks and is holding a obscenely large dog bed.

Striped Shirt: Woah. Big Bed.

Dreadlocks: Yeah.

Striped Shirt: What kind of dog?

Dreadlocks: Great Dane.

Striped Shirt(nodding knowingly): Hmm. Big Dog

Dreadlocks: Yeah. I hope it's big enough.

Striped Shirt: Me too.


Striped Shirt: Say... I'm sure you get this all the time you play hockey?

Dreadlocks(smiling): Yeah.

Striped Shirt: My wife and I saw you in Vancouver and a then, um, in the season opener against the Canucks the other night.

Dreadlocks: Oh Yeah? Cool.


Dreadlocks: I liked Vancouver. Are you from there?

Striped Shirt: Well my wife is. I'm originally from Michigan.

Dreadlocks: Michigan? I like Michigan. I played in college there.

Striped Shirt: Really? Cool.

Dreadlocks: Why'd you move to Ohio?

Striped Shirt: Oh, well my wife and I are going to start a theatre company with some friends.

Dreadlocks: Like plays and stuff?

Striped Shirt: Yeah like plays.

Dreadlocks: Cool.

Stripped Shirt: Yeah but we miss living in Vancouver. It's a great city.

Dreadlocks (looking outside at a steady drizzle that has been falling): Today actually reminds me of living in Vancouver.

Striped Shirt(nodding): You said it.

PetCo cashier: I can help the next customer.

Dreadlocks: Well...

Striped Shirt: Yeah. Nice talking with you. Good luck with the bed.

Dreadlocks: Thanks.

Again, holler back for hockey*

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